Episode 40

40: Meta-research (with Michèle Nuijten)


March 24th, 2017

49 mins 18 secs

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About this Episode

Dan and James are joined by Michèle Nuijten (Tilburg University) to discuss 'statcheck', an algorithm that automatically scans papers for statistical tests, recomputes p-values, and flags inconsistencies.

They also cover:

  • How Michèle dealt with statcheck criticisms
  • Psychological Science’s pilot of statcheck for journal submissions
  • Detecting data fraud
  • When should a journal issue a correction?
  • Future plans for statcheck
  • The one thing Michèle thinks that everyone else thinks is crazy
  • Michèle's most worthwhile career investment
  • The one paper that Michèle thinks everyone should read


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