47: Truth bombs from a methodological freedom fighter (with Anne Scheel)

Episode 47 · July 7th, 2017 · 1 hr 9 mins

About this Episode

In this episode, Dan and James are joined by Anne Scheel (LMU Munich) to discuss open science advocacy.


  • How Anne became an open science advocate
  • Open science is better science
  • Methodological terrorists/freedom fighters
  • The time Anne stood up after a conference keynote and asked a question
  • Asking poor PhD students to pay for conference costs upfront and then reimbursing them 6 months later
  • Is it worth if for early career researchers to push open science practices?
  • How to begin with implementing open science practices
  • Power analysis should be normal practice, it shouldn’t be controversial
  • Anne’s going to start a podcast
  • The 100%CI: A long copy blog with 4 writers
  • The benefits of preprints and blogging
  • Science communication in English for non-native English speakers
  • Doing stuff that interests you vs. stuff that’s meant to advance your career

Twitter accounts of people/things we mentioned:
@dalejbarr - 2:10
@siminevazire - 2:45
@lakens - 2:45
@nicebread303 (Felix Schönbrodt)- 3:50
@annaveer - 21:40
@methodpodcast - 29:20
@the100ci - 30:40
@realscientists - 31:40
@upulie - 31:55
@fMRI_guy (Jens Foell) - 32:20
@realsci_DE (Real scientists Germany) - 32:30
@maltoesermalte, @_r_c_a, @dingding_peng (100% CI team) - 33:55
@stuartJRitchie - 65:05


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