Episode 56

56: Registered reports (with Chris Chambers)


February 2nd, 2018

53 mins 59 secs

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About this Episode

Dan and James are joined by Chris Chambers (Cardiff University) to discuss the Registered Reports format.

Here’s an overview of what they covered:

What is a registered report and why should we implement them? [1:47]
The impact of conscious and unconscious bias on scientific publication [6:17]
Common objections to registered reports [8:21]
The slippery slope fallacy [14:33]
The advantages of registered reports for early career researchers [15:47]
The generational divide for embracing methodological reforms [19:13]
The launch of registered reports in 2013 [23:30]
The “tone debate” in psychology [24:50]
Dealing with publishing decisions as an early career researcher [27:30]
Using registered reports to disarm your research rivals [30:52]
A peek behind the curtain of peer-review [34:40]
How do we convince journals to take up the registered report format? [36:28]
Using registered reports for meta-analysis [38:40]
What’s something that Chris has changed his mind about recently? [43:14]
What’s Chris’ favourite failure? [48:23]
Chris’ opinion of Wales [51:49]


The Seven Deadly Sins of Psychology https://www.amazon.com/Seven-Deadly-Sins-Psychology-Scientific/dp/0691158908
Chris Chambers on Twitter @chrisdc77
Dorothy Bishop’s blog on how registered reports provides better control of the publication timeline http://deevybee.blogspot.no/2016/03/better-control-of-publication-time-line.html
The Startup Scientist podcast https://shows.pippa.io/startupscientist
Startup scientist on Twitter @Startup_sci
The open science pyramid (slide 8) https://osf.io/yq59d/
The Comprehensive Results in Social Psychology “power posing” issue http://www.tandfonline.com/toc/rrsp20/2/1?nav=tocList
Dan on Twitter @dsquintana
James on Twitter @JamesHeathers

Music credits Lee Rosevere freemusicarchive.org/music/Lee_Rosevere/

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