60: This is more of a comment than a question

Episode 60 · May 8th, 2018 · 1 hr 7 mins

About this Episode

Dan and James answer listener questions on academic conferences, getting abreast of the literature, and conflicts of interest.

Here are more details of what's on this episode:

  • How question times during conference seminars are useless
  • Choosing which conferences to attend as a PhD student
  • Feedback from our Registered Reports episode with Chris Chambers (Episode 56)
  • People that have binged our entire back catalogue
  • The amount of reading do you need to do to keep track of the field you work in
  • PhD students need time to make time to read the literature
  • People sending out half-arsed work hoping that peer-review will “fix it”
  • Guest authorship
  • When you’re a native English speaker and get asked to have your manuscript proofed by a native English speaker
  • Is it a conflict of interest to a review a paper with that includes someone you’ve co-authored with in the past on a different topic?
  • The Frontiers journal model
  • Reviewing papers so that authors are actually grateful for your criticism


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