95: All good presentations are alike; each bad presentation is bad in its own way

Episode 95 · November 4th, 2019 · 1 hr 3 mins

About this Episode

Dan and James discuss why academia tolerates bad presentations and the strange distrust of polished presentations.

Here's what else they discuss...

  • James had a Filipino feast https://twitter.com/jamesheathers/status/1188582859528949766?s=20
  • We’re approaching 100 episodes!
  • ReproducibiliTea is spreading worldwide!
  • Why do some people not trust polished presentations?
  • The Mike Morrison episode on the Better Poster
  • The “I want a refund for a bad presentation” blog post
  • What does James consider a ‘good’ presentation?
  • Conference apps
  • Why don’t we teach PhD students to do things that they’ll need further in their careers, like making presentations and writing emails?
  • Vague emails
  • James wants to help out an email spammer
  • Email vs. Twitter DM
  • Anonymous people on the internet
  • James discovers coin collecting
  • Blocking people on Twitter
  • Dan’s got a show recommendation: Money Heist / Paper house
  • Why do we hate spoilers?
  • Spoiling the end of a movie on Pompeii

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