36: Statistical inconsistencies in published research

Episode 36 · January 27th, 2017 · 50 mins 40 secs

About this Episode

In episode 34 we covered a blog post that highlighted questionable analytical approaches in psychology. That post mentioned four studies that resulted from this approach, which a team of researchers took a closer look into. Dan and James discuss the statistical inconsistencies that the authors reported in a recent preprint.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Trump (of course)
  • A summary of the preprint
  • The GRIM test to detect inconsistencies
  • The researchers that accidently administered the equivalent of 300 cups of coffee to study participants
  • How do we prevent inconsistent reporting?
  • 21 word solution for research transparency
  • Journals mandating statistical inconsistency checks, such as 'statcheck'


The pre-print

'The grad student that didn't say no' blog post

The caffeine study

Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group lab handbook (see page 6 for open science practices)

21 word solution

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